of the Institute of Conflict Research Stefanie Mayer

Studied political science and a combination of subjects (gender studies, contemporary history, communication) at the University of Vienna (Mag.a phil. 2004, phil. 2016. Post-graduate course "Sociology of Social Practices" at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS Vienna, 2009-2012). Since 2022 researcher at the IKF.

Main research topics: Intersectional research on anti-feminism, right-wing extremism and right-wing populism; feminist activism, politics and theory

Lecturer at the Department of Political Science (University of Vienna, 2012-2016), at the AAU Klagenfurt/Celovec (2017/2021) and the FH Campus Wien (University of Applied Sciences, since 2016).


Selected Publications:

Global Perspectives on Anti-Feminism: Far-Right and Religious Attacks on Equality and Diversity. With Judith Goetz (Eds.). Edinburgh University Press (forthcoming [2023]).

With God and Nature Against Equality – Ideology and Rhetorical Strategies of Right-Wing Anti-Feminism. With Judith Goetz. In: Vida, Bianka (Ed.): The Gendered Politics of Crises and De-Democratization: Opposition to Gender Equality. ECPR Press/Rowman & Littlefield (forthcoming [2022])

Anti-Gender-Diskurse – vom "gesunden Menschenverstand" zur "Politik mit der Angst". In: Strube, Sonja et al. (Eds.): Anti-Genderismus in Europa. Allianzen von Rechtspopulismus und religiösem Fundamentalismus. Mobilisierung – Vernetzung – Transformation. Transcript (2021), 35-49. Online here

Man, Woman, Family. Gender and the Limited Modernization of Right-Wing Extremism in Austria. With Edma Ajanovic and Birgit Sauer. In: Dietze, Gabriele/Roth, Julia (Eds.): Right-wing Populism and Gender. European Perspectives and Beyond. Transcript (2020), 101-116.

Politik der Differenzen. Ethnisierung, Rassismen und Antirassismus im weißen feministischen Aktivismus in Wien. Barbara Budrich (2018). Online here

Mann, Frau, Volk. Familienidylle, Heteronormativität und Femonationalismus im europäischen rechten Populismus. With Iztok Šori, Birgit Sauer and Edma Ajanovic. In: Feministische Studien 36(2), (2018), 269-285.

Constructing "the people". An intersectional analysis of right-wing concepts of democracy and citizenship in Austria. With Edma Ajanovic and Birgit Sauer. In: Journal of Language and Politics 17(5), (2018), 636-654.

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